High Specification Products Limited specialise in the post treatment of open cell foams and non woven polyesters. This technology allows us to impart additional properties such as conductivity, flame retardency and hydrophilicity, whilst retaining their innate properties such as resilience or porosity. These materials find uses in a wide range of industrial applications. Our production and testing equipment is state of the art and was designed in house, it is therefore bespoke imparting some unique capabilities (including colour impregnation). This along with our conversion division allows us to provide our unique materials in almost any shape or size, providing finished items tailored to customer needs.

Our diverse range of solutions include acoustic, thermal, filtration and electro conductive foams for use within a wide range of industries.

Our manufacturing and technical expertise allows HSP to meet both local and international standards, solving our customers problems with a wide range of materials. We have an extensive range of technical foams and fibre impregnation products to meet the demands of complex needs easily and efficiently.

We offer consistent supply and control from concept through to completion.

The principle employees of HSP have over 50 years combined experience in this technology. Extensive conversion facilities allow us to offer a complete service to customers. This technical and production experience, combined with excellent plant and equipment make HSP a world leader in impregnated materials. We also offer a custom impregnation service allowing customers to have their materials post treated to their requirements